Our capabilities within the power sector include:

  • Tank farm design
  • Terminal and fuel delivery system design
  • Pump house and fuel handling system design
  • Lubrication and air system engineering
  • Exhaust duct system design
  • Cooling tower and cooling water system engineering
  • NOx reduction units
  • CO2 reduction units
  • Utilities station/offsite utilities


Diyarco has capability to design utility system for steel industry that include:

  • Steel caster (billet) production
  • Scrap pre-heat units
  • Pump house design
  • Utility system design, including natural gas, argon, nitrogen and compressed air systems
  • Mold and spray water cooling system
  • Non-contact water cooling system
  • Flow diagram and piping material specification


Our manufacturing clients count on us for our expertise in:

  • Fuel delivery package design, including tubing and piping for CNG and LNG
  • On-board piping design for heating and cooling & lubricating design for custom machinery
  • Piping stress analyses for process skids

HVAC (residential)

Diyarco’s HVAC expertise includes:

  • Boiler and chiller plant design and upgrades
  • Heating and ventilation design
  • Ducting system design
  • Plumbing and drainage system design
  • Existing mechanical system assessment and provide  recommendations